F.A.Q (Frequently Asked Questions)


Does this app use my own account?
No it does not, so your account is safe.
Do I need to provide my own accounts?
Nope, Pokemap does not require any accounts.
Is my own account safe?
Yes it is. Pokemap does not touch your own account.
Are there ads in your app??
No, our app is 100% ad free!
What Android device can run Pokemap?
Any Android device that can run Pokemon GO.
Is there an iOS version of this app?
No sory, and we dont have any plans for iOS at the moment.
I cant download the app?
Try another browser from the PlayStore.
I cant install the APK?
Try another file browser from the PlayStore.
Can I scan anothe area?
Yes, just tap and hold where you want to scan.
The app is not finding any Pokemon?
Go into settings, and tap "Reset Accounts" then restart the app and it should start working again.
Can the despan timers be more accurate?
Not any more since the latest API update from Niantic, Right now they are as close as we can get them.
Why am I getting CAPTCHAs?
This is just Niantic checking you are human, you need to compleate them to continue. Sorry there is no way around this as it comes from there side, not ours.


This app is stupid, it doenst even scan or show anything..
First off, that's a statement, not a question. Secondly, you need to tap and hold where you want to scan.
What are the black gyms?
These are gyms that no one has claimed yet.


What are the search steps?
The amount of steps/circles around you, so making it bigger has a bigger scan radius, but will also make the scan take longer.
What is the filter?
Filters out the monsters you want to see and dont want to see.
What is the background service refresh rate?
The refresh rate is the time between scans for the background service. The search radius of the background service is 70 meters.
What is the Pokemap ID?
This is an ID that we may request when trying to fix bugs you may find.