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All Good Things Must Come To An End

As a lot of are users might have noticed, we have recently changed a bit of the images on the website and social media accounts. Along with the removal of the download link on the website. It comes with a heavy heart that we must inform everyone that on Friday January 20th 2017, the Pokemap team received a Cease and Desist Letter from The Pokemon Company International, Inc together with their partners and affiliates, including Niantic, Inc.

This Cease and Desist Letter included the request to remove The Pokemon Company International, Inc copyrighted images. We have complied with that request. Along with the copyrighted images, our Pokemon Go license was revoked and we were told not to access Niantic’s servers. Due to recent cases in the US, if we access Niantic’s servers or create an program that others can run that can access Niantic’s servers even if those users have a valid Pokemon Go license, we would be accessing Niantic’s servers unauthorized. So we must comply with the Cease and Desist Letter and not access the Pokemon Go servers.

With this information and the Cease and Desist Letter, we regret to inform all our loyal fans that we are closing down Pokemap. Currently we are trying to make a deal with The Pokemon Company International, Inc to allow us to continue developing Pokemap. But the chances of a deal coming through is slim.

We would like to take the time to thank everyone for their support. It certainly meant a lot to the development team that you had more fun in Pokemon Go due to Pokemap. We had some good times and some bad times. We know our app brought a lot of people back to Pokemon Go and kept them active.

So thank you for your support. We hope to be back soon, but till then goodbye and thank you.

The Pokemap Team.

PS. If Niantic releases a public API, we will come back.

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Latest version is v1.6.5

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Change Log

  • Fix for a bug that caused Error 1110.
  • You no longer need GPS to use the app. It is highly recommended that you at least turn on your GPS when starting Pokemap to help reduse captchas.
  • The account refreshing error is just reconnecting the accounts to Niantic's server.
** View full change log here **

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