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Latest version is v1.3.2

Change Log

  • v1.3.2 contains bug fixes.
  • Lured Pokestops now show when the lure will expire.
  • Added an option in the settings to allow viewing of a selected pokemon's IVs.
  • Added Gym information when a Gym is selected along with showing the defending pokemon.
  • Added Captchas in the map screen that will appear for the new check by Niantic.
  • Added in some Dutch translation courtesy of PeggerWed from Github.
  • Fixed an issue with Pokestops and Gyms not showing during a scan.
  • Fixed issue with Lured Pokestops not properly appearing.
  • Fixed issues with scanning that will sometimes show nothing even with pokemon, gyms or Pokestops being there.
  • A few stability fixes.
** View full change log here **

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